We can all pretty much agree: mothers have one of the hardest and most special jobs in the world! With the transition to Virtual First, we wanted to give Dropboxers, and working Dropbox moms, more flexibility and freedom to control how they work (for example, their schedules and their working environment).

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we followed up with Dropbox mothers to hear their tips and tricks for successful parenting in a Virtual First world. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Embrace the mess

May is API (Asian Pacific Islander) heritage month and this year’s theme is “out of the shadows.” In recent months, there has been a highly visible spike in anti-Asian hate, but the erasure often faced by this community isn’t new. To come out of the shadows means to step into the light and be seen and heard. We spoke with Asians@ co-lead Sally Zhang to learn more about this theme and how we’re commemorating the API community at Dropbox this month.

What is the theme for this year’s API month and how did this concept come to be?

This year’s…

At the frontlines of almost everything we do at Dropbox is our recruiting team. From finding awesome talent to promoting our unique culture, they’re an essential part of our growth in all the right ways. Tracey Heiman, a Senior Design Recruiter, has been helping us bring on new team members for nearly three years, and she let us in on the secrets to success in her role.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

I loved Inspector Gadget when I was a kid. Now that I’m a mom as well, I’d love to have a semi-bionic…

Last October, we announced that Dropbox would now operate as a Virtual First organization. While this meant a huge shift in work life for many of our team members who, pre-pandemic, commuted to an office every day, it’s also brought major benefits to the lives of Dropboxers worldwide. Ireland’s Neil McMahon gave us a peek inside his role in helping Dropbox make this transition, his adjustments to leading from afar, and his home life — filled with music, food, and family.

What is your current role at Dropbox?

I moved into a new role recently and am now Head of…

When we announced our move to Virtual First, and knew that we would no longer be working out of our offices, we wanted to help support Dropboxers in the ways that are most important to them and create a benefits program that was as flexible as possible. The result: The Dropbox Perks Allowance!

Prior to the launch of the Perks Allowance in 2021, we had a variety of programs, partnership offerings, and stipends that had different limits, different processes for getting reimbursed, and were sometimes simply underused because they just didn’t fit all employee needs. …

Collaboration has always been at the heart of the way we operate at Dropbox — and in a remote working environment brought on by the pandemic, the importance of working together has only intensified. When our engineers, product managers, and designers work closer together and share better relationships and common goals, they ultimately empower each other to do their best work and create better products.

With the announcement of Virtual First, our new workplace strategy that allows Dropboxers across the globe to work where and how best suits them, we knew we needed to adjust how we collaborate as teams…

To move an entire company with hundreds of employees across the globe into a Virtual First work strategy, it takes more than a village. It takes strong, fearless leaders who listen to their people and work in the best interest of all employees no matter what — many of whom, at Dropbox, are women. Their stories of how they led us into the unknown across their different departments are truly inspiring. On the People side, there was one woman who was responsible for leading this massive shift: Melanie Collins, our Chief People Officer.

Melanie Collins

Like many organizations, we didn’t anticipate our…

No matter which team they sit on, our women in leadership play a priceless role in our success here at Dropbox. Especially as we’ve navigated the move to a Virtual First environment, they’ve been integral in empowering our teams to continue helping the world work better, no matter where they work. As part of Women’s History Month, we asked some of our leaders about the challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve overcome those obstacles to make Dropbox a better (virtual) place for everyone.

What role have you played in Dropbox’s transition to Virtual First?

“As Dropbox transitioned from in-office work…

As new tech companies pop up every day, and as more people plan careers in tech, it can be difficult to choose between so many companies — especially when cool perks, unique experiences, and great benefits are commonplace offerings. But one thing that helps potential team members make their decision, because it truly shows what an organization is really all about, is company values.

At Dropbox, our values are absolutely integral to everything we do. Every team member, past and present, has played a part in helping us define what really matters to us — and how these foundational beliefs…

March is Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating with the theme “Choose to Challenge,” a message of solidarity and allyship. It highlights the roles that all identities can play in challenging norms, stereotypes, and bias. We chatted with Womens@ co-DRIs Chantal Salazar and Tessa Chen about this month’s theme and what they’re choosing to challenge.

What is the theme for this year’s Women’s History month and how did this concept come to be?

Chantal: Our theme this year is “Choose to Challenge.” We actually had a lot of great ideas to choose from — everything from our first Madam VP…


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